1. How do I sign up?
2. Can I place an order without signing up?
3. What “Take Away” stands for?
4. Sometimes I see a different menu. Why is that?
5. Can I change my account information?
6. What are the working hours?
7. Is there a minimum order value?
8. How fast my order will come?
9. Where can I learn about allergenic ingredients?
10. Which are the payment methods?
11. How can I delete my account?
12. Which stores are part of Cosmote’s offer 2 burgers in the price of 1?
13. How many Cosmote’s coupons can I use in an order?
14. Can I redeem a coupon/gift voucher as a guest user and in postdated orders?
15. What is the All Star Club?
16. Why must I sign up?
17. How do I sign up?
18. How does the program work?
19. What are missions?
20. What should I do to win points from my orders?
21. I am a member, but I forgot to mention my membership number. What should I do?
22. How many gold stars I win with every order I make?
23. I have collected (x) stars. How can I redeem them?
24. I have 146 stars, but I haven’t received a gift voucher.
25. Can I convert my stars into gift vouchers?
26. I won a gift voucher, but I can’t find it. What should I do?
27. How can I use my coupons?
28. How long are my coupons valid?
29. The system does not allow the use of 2 or more coupons.
30. Where can I see the stars and the gift vouchers I have collected?
31. Where can I see the browsing history of the stars and gift vouchers?
32. I am trying to use the gift voucher/coupon to order online and I can’t.
33. How can I participate in the month’s prize?
34. Where can I see if I won the month’s prize?
35. I’ve changed my mobile number. How can I register my new one?
36. I want to leave the program. How can I do that?